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Public Health care, and Private Health care Networks

The challenge:
The hurdle here is, the implementation of a health care system, which bends to it´s patients and caregivers, rather than forcing them instead, to bend. A Berlin based effort, and example, of "how it might work".

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The challenge is to re-imagine the health care landscape. In the present system, we find the mainstream, which consists of a “Public health care system”, and a “Private” one. The public system distinguishes itself in many cases, from the private one in several main ways:


a- Cost- The public system is generally thought to be priced, based on the income of the patients taxable income, whereas the private system, for the most part, is cost scaled based not on your income, but on your actual current health. So much for the theory. The reality is a bit more unclear. In truth the main difference in cost between the two systems, is that where the public insurance is thought to be cheap, the private type can be astronomically expensive.


b- Quality- The often more expensive private insurance, tends to often be more comprehensive in care and treatment options, as well as benefiting from faster appointments for diagnosis and imaging/testing.


c- Additionally, to add further depth to the modern medical care environment, exist a proliferation of emerging opportunities. All these opportunities come to us by way of modern technology, and internet services. This means there are now more and newer levels of assistance available, based on and utilizing, apps, smartphones and websites. Some of these are as simple as help phone lines utilizing video calling. There are services from  simple help lines, to skin care apps which use your smartphone cameras (assuming you can pay for, and use one), and range from group, or webinar format events, to nutrition consultancy, to diabetes tracking and eye care, all used to bridge the gaps in the existing medical systems.

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These are some of the insights gleaned from interviews at various points from personal inner circle, to random individuals. These are some of the more commonly repeated expressions from users of the 2 systems.

Oh it´s common practice for the insurance company to make you pay your premium , but then refuse to pay for as many services and treatments as possible, using any excuse possible.

A berlin lawyer

I wish I had the option to select a therapist who speaks english, and still get an appointment in less

 than 6 months.

Newly immigrated Berliner

I wish there was a way to book appointments like a private health insurance patient and pay only public health.

Bar guest

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How might we transform the patients complete experience, from requesting an appointment with a doctor, to whatever outcomes there are, to engaging in community initiatives, or volunteering?

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Problems and hypothesis statements

The various services and programs available, lack any basic acceptance of one another in a modern health care system.

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Medical Page1: About
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